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Airlie Beveridge

Business Owner & Sports Therapist 

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This business has grown from the back room in Abertay University gym to the spaces we have now. I am beyond grateful to everyone who continues to be a part of this journey. My aim is to offer quality, affordable treatments with heart! I train all of our therapists and students personally and with the assistance of the senior therapists. 

Our relationship with Abertay and Mikey Devlin is still very strong, without Mikey and Steve Olivier we wouldn't be where we are today! As of 2019 we became the universities official Sports Therapy Partner! 

I'm very lucky to of spent the last 3 seasons as Lead Sports Therapist with Dundee Stars Ice Hockey Team - and hopefully many seasons to come! I work closely with the team doctor: Dr Lynda Morton, I have learned so much from this wonderful lady and our players. 

Prior to my work with the ice hockey, I worked predominantly with Abertay and Harris Rugby & Abertay field hockey. I've also spent time abroad studying the nervous system and working with athletes and elderly clients. 

My goal for the business is very clear: make clients, therapists and students feel at home the moment they walk in the door. A relaxed brain achieves so much more! 

If you're looking for a clinic atmosphere then you're in the wrong place. We will treat your injuries professionally and knowledgeably but we love to catch up and have a laugh with you all too.

Megan Bannister

Sports Therapist

Megan 1.jpeg

Megan finished studying Abertay University studying Sport and Exercise Science and soon will be studying Physiotherapy. Megan was the captain of the University Netball team and participated competitively in the University Women's Hockey team.


Megan was one of the first group of AB Sports Students. She worked closely with Airlie, learning her techniques and is now teaching her own specialities to the new student groups!

Megan is has spent the last two seasons as Lead Sports Therapist for Dundee Comets Ice Hockey Team. She has a great time working and travelling with the team and has gained the nickname "Magic Megan". 

Megan has a very caring personality and see's herself going into NHS work in the future after hopefully completing a masters in Physiotherapy. She currently volunteers her time working with clients who have suffered from strokes and takes a lot of time furthering her knowledge in the field of rehabilitation. 

Julia Schaefer

Sports therapist


Julia moved from Germany to Scotland for University to study Sport and Exercise Science and is now in a Postgraduate course at Stirling University. She is a football player, crossfitter and all round athlete! 

Julia first heard of AB when she came in for injury treatment and discovered she had several stress fractures amongst a number of other over-training injuries... it's safe to say Airlie and Julia became good friends after seeing each other so regularly!

Julia already had a love for treating sports injuries as she has some experience from doing so in Germany. She completed the AB Sports Student programme and is working with the team almost full time whilst also completing her studies!

Julia has a vast knowledge and experience of extreme sports injuries, she has worked with contact sport and elite athletes and continues to oversee the rehab of a lot of the local crossfitters!

We believe if Julia can beat her sports injuries and start taking care of herself whilst still training at a high level then she sure can encourage you to do the same!


Abbie Hendry

Sports therapist

Abbie 1.jpeg

Abbie is an aspiring football referee who officiates in the semi professional men’s leagues alongside the top women league in Scotland.


Abbie has travelled all over the world refereeing and working with high level athletes!


Abbie also works with KK Health and Fitness as a personal trainer focused on the health, performance and inclusion of everyone of all ages and abilities.


We know our Abbie looks sweet but she trains at an elite level and sure is strong! After completing the AB Sports Student programme she is with us part-time when she isn't jetsetting with her whistle and red card!

Grace Tonner

Sports Therapist

Grace 1.jpeg

Our Grace first joined us in the AB Sports Student programme and her personality hit us before her sports therapy talents. She's currently a full time therapist, based in Dundee, she's full of banter and stories.

Grace is currently the Lead Sports Therapist of Harris Mens Rugby Team, working and travelling with the team weekly. She has designed a neuromuscular and strength training programme for the players, advancing their recovery and performance. 

Grace also continues to work closely with Abertay Rugby Team and has experience playing and working with Field Hockey. 

She has a sound understanding of the muscles and nervous system and regularly attends personal training sessions with one of our partner PT's: VW Physique.

Grace will make sure you're back on your feet in no time after injury and loves working with you all!

Aimee Grant

Sports Therapist


Aimee has recently graduated from Abertay University and joined our team as a sports therapist in 2020.

Aimee like all our therapists has a interest in sports however, not many people can say they have won national medals in Judo!

Another sweet looking girl who is tough as nails. Our Aimee specialises in deep tissue sport massages but she can also do a nicer gentler Swedish massage on request. 

Aimee is based between our clinics in Dundee & Blairgowrie is happy to help with any injuries you have!



Sports Therapist

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Matthew moved to Dundee in 2015 to study sport and exercise science at Abertay University. His love of sport began at an early age when he started playing rugby at his local club and has since played for a number of teams around Edinburgh and the university team.


Through playing rugby Matthew picked up a number of injuries which kicked off his interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation. This interest grew further when he carried out a work placement at AB Sports Performance in his final year at university as well as completing modules in biomechanics and injury prevention and strength and conditioning.


After graduating in the summer of 2019 Matthew then became an AB Sports Therapist and has aspirations of becoming a physiotherapist in the near future.

Matthew has a lot of experience treating younger clientele and those recovering from previous serious injuries. Matthew also works regularly with athletes.

Bethany Craigie
Sports Therapist


Bethany is a 4th year Sport and Exercise Science Student at Abertay University, joining our team in 2021. 

She has been trampolining since the age of 3 and competing for 14 years, holding Scottish National Champion titles on several occasions and attending British Regional competitions all over the UK.

Alongside her passion for trampolining, Bethany is also a member of Abertay Netball’s 1st team and enjoys weights training in the gym. Bethany has encountered many injuries throughout her sporting career and has had an interest in sports therapy treatment from a very young age. Bethany first reached out to AB Sports Performance for treatment for a back injury, which allowed her to continue training at a high level and medal in competition. 

Bethany completed her Sports Massage Diploma in February 2020 due to her aspirations of becoming a physiotherapist in the future.



Pregnancy Therapist


Rosie Slater
Sports Therapist


Calum Mccord
Sports Therapist


Kirsty is Dundonian born and bred and has worked the last 13 years in the spa industry. Having worked abroad for a few years Kirsty returned to Dundee pursuing a career in relaxation treatments and therapies. 

Kirsty has three kids so she is definitely kept on her toes all the time!

Although there may be an element of chaos in her life, Kirsty is a holistic focused therapist who likes to treat mind and body giving a positive mental and physical result. Proving therapies from pregnancy massage to Swedish massage and Aromatherapy to Facials. 

Kirsty believes that providing these treatments should help everyone to relax and enjoy their 'me' even more when they come out feeling refreshed!

Behind The Scenes

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Our management team is led by our business manager Stacy Anderson. Stacy oversees all of the bookings, affiliations and therapists. She is one busy lady but always has time for all of us and never stops smiling! Stacy's right hand woman is her pug Daisy who you may see around the clinic when she is in bossing us around!

The rest of our management team is made up of Samantha, Lindsay and Sandy who have all played a crucial role in the running of AB from day one!

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