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Sports Cupping Placements

This is used to bring toxins to the surface to allow them to be easier accessed by your lymphatic system to drain.


The colouring of the ‘bruises’ is an indicator of stagnation in the tissues. This includes debris of dead cells and the toxins collected from the biosystem. There is a small amount of uptake from the capillaries however it is minimal.⠀

Regular cupping treatments can therefore enhance your lymphatic drainage and improve your recovery in sport.⠀

Cupping Trigger Points⠀

Cupping applies negative pressure to stretch the fascia and provide the same benefit achieved by a pressure point applied by the therapist. We use the cups in specific placements that allow us to extend/flex the muscle and release muscular tension.⠀

Cupping Around the Joint⠀

Cupping is used to again apply negative pressure and movement to the joint in order to open up connective tissues and release the joint. ⠀

We use the cups to loosen off the sticking around joints often caused by a build up of synovial fluid which can happen after injury.

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