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Sports massage is the term we use for a massage with a purpose outwith relaxation. 

Our AB Sports Therapy Treatment will include a small consultation in which you will let the therapist know your injuries, aches/pains or your mobility struggles. The therapist will then tailor the treatment to treat the problem outlined.


The areas of focus will all be soft tissue which is the connective tissue forming fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Your therapist will discuss in depth with you any queries you have about the treatment and also let you know what they are doing and areas they are working into throughout.

Generally sports massage is thought to aid recovery and enhance performance with athletes but we find our AB Sports Therapy Treatment useful for everyone! Don’t be afraid to get in touch! We see everyone of every type of lifestyle, all ages and all activity levels. This treatment is here to help you feel better and definitely not limited to those partaking in sports.

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