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We address acute, chronic and overuse injuries with a hands on approach! We are here to help with everything from sports injuries to daily aches and pains. 


If you book a treatment with us it will include a small consultation where you can provide us with some information on your injury or ache/pain and we will briefly discuss the different types of therapies we do. We will then get hands on and suggest the use of these different therapies throughout the treatment. If there are any you are unsure of and have more questions about then feel free to ask! If there are any treatments you would prefer we don’t use then that is completely okay and we will carry out the treatment using only the therapies requested. 


Our treatments include cupping therapy, hot stones therapy, gua-sha (scraping) therapy and advanced muscle energy techniques with soft tissue manipulations. We also use massage trigger point guns to assist throughout the session.

Price List Below



External Clients:

30 Minute Sports Therapy Session: £27

60 Minute Sports Therapy Session: £45

90 Minute Sports Therapy Session: £65

This session can include: cupping therapy, gua-sha therapy (scraping therapy), hot stones and deep tissue massage. You can request your treatment includes any of the additional therapies with no additional charge.

Taping or Sports Strapping: £5 Per Bodypart

Kinesiology taping: Taping is used to support injured and healing muscles for everyday support or during exercise.

Please note we charge 50% of your booking if you cancel within 24 hours of your booked appointment.
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